Cold vs. Allergies: Do You Know the Difference?

Allergies or a Cold?

A cold is caused by a virus and can become contagious, while allergies are caused by an over active immune system and are not contagious.

One of the biggest differences between the two is the length of your symptoms. A cold will last three to fourteen days, while allergies can last days to months at a time.

Another symptom of an allergy, that is not as common with a cold, is itchy, watery eyes.

Also with allergies, the symptoms will begin immediately after the exposure to the allergen. With a cold, the symptoms will usually take a few days to develop after the virus has entered your body.

Neither of these should be taken lightly, but knowing the difference can help speed the healing process. If you are not sure, then you probably need to see a board-certified allergist like Dr. Raschal who can perform the proper tests to see if you have nasal allergies and recommend appropriate treatments to improve or eliminate your symptoms. With proper management of allergies, you can live an active, symptom-free life. Relief is possible.

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