"Dr. Raschal is a blessing to me and an amazing woman. My 3-year-old daughter is very sick and is allergic to so many things. Another allergist told us that was just the way it was going to be for my daughter. Friends told me I needed to see Dr. Raschal. The first time we spoke, I felt like she really listened to me and my concerns about my daughter. Dr. Raschal was determined to find the root causes of my daughter's sickness. She has researched and referred us to other specialists tenaciously trying to find answers. And throughout this process, she has encouraged, strengthened and lifted me up so that I can be the mom my little girl needs. God brought Dr. Raschal into our lives. She is a big part of my heart."
—Amy Melton /Chickamauga, Ga

"Most doctors don't take the time to care. Dr. Raschal does. My son was severely allergic and would have four to six horrible sinus infections a year. He would miss school often. Dr. Raschal recommended allergy shots but Sam was terrified of needles. Dr. Raschal talked to Sam, showed him the beauty of 'numbing cream' and now we have completed two years of allergy shots. Sam has had one sinus infection in the last year. We love Dr. Raschal."
—Michelle Hyams /Hixson, Tn

"I am a senior adult and visit many physicians. If all of them were like Dr. Raschal, I am sure my physical condition would improve. She treats the whole patient, physically, mentally and spiritually. She is truly a 'breath of fresh air' to me."
—Clayton McDaniel /East Brainerd, Tn